Protein Profiling Services

Protein profiling adds value beyond genomics. Even though genomic approaches became extremely popular in the last decades, protein information is missed using those methods. Studying proteins and, equally important, posttranslational modifications, has proven to contribute significant value.

Serving science in translational research and drug development

Understanding a drug's mode of action, discovering a disease's mechanism, or identifying biomarkers - to achieve success as a scientist requires deep insights into the underlying molecular processes and a precise understanding of biology. We have accumulated a wealth of expertise in establishing and conducting protein assays for quantitative biology. Choose an application to discover more:

Our protein profiling services

We offer a wide portfolio of services for protein profiling. There is no one-fits-all, so we provide tailored services for high-content protein profiling, high-throughput protein profiling, multiplex immunoassays, ultra-sensitive protein profiling, among classical methods like ELISA, western blot, and ProteinSimple. Our portfolio includes validated ready-to-go offerings as well as highly customized services. Project scopes vary from routine screening to assay development and validation studies. The wide spectrum of services means more possibilities for you and a higher chance that we find the perfect solution for you. Please download our brochure to get the full picture.

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Our products

We offer modified Luminex beads for those who want to perform own Luminex assays in-house. Please click below for more detailed product information.

Our workflow

To keep the high standard of our services, we established a workflow. We will lead you through it, so you know at every certain point what follows next.

Our services are accessible via direct contracts or Master Service Agreements (MSAs), or immediately through our profiles at online marketplaces and ScienceExchange.