Immuno-Oncology Assay Services

Based on an ever-growing panel of patient-derived micro-tumours (PDMs) with autologous TILs and PBMCs, we have established an advanced and versatile platform of CRO services for immuno-oncology (IO) testing studies of compounds, immuno-therapies and combination treatments.

We offer

    • Cell-based ex vivo studies with dozens of patient-derived micro-tumour models (PDMs) in co-cultures with autologous immune cells (from whole blood-derived PBMCs and/or tumour-derived TILs).

    • Full patient consent and FTO to perform commercial service-based studies.

    • In vitro co-culture assays of patient-derived 3D micro-tumours with immune cells from the very same patients (e.g., PBMCs, antigen-specific T cells) for drug testing.

    • Performance of homogenous reader-based assays as well as high-content microscopy assays.

    • Quantification of cytotoxicity induced by immune cells (e.g. antigen-specific T cells) alone and in combination with standard-of-care or investigational compounds, immuno-therapies, oncolytic viruses, bi-specific antibodies or combo treatments.

    • Live-cell confocal 3D analysis of microtumour infiltration by T lymphocytes.

    • Add-on protein assays, e.g. Luminex-based cytokine assays, or DigiWest pathway activity profiling

    • CRISPR-based genome editing of primary T cells.

    • Fully customizable fee-for-service studies, and expertise from successful projects with numerous international pharmas.