High-Content Assays using Chromobodies®

We provide innovative cellular screening technologies for biomedical research and preclinical drug development. Our portfolio combines advanced biochemical with sophisticated microscopy analyses, making use of the versatile Chromobody® technology by ChromoTek GmbH.

Chromobodies® are single domain antibodies genetically fused to fluorescent proteins serving as functional nanoprobes in living cells. The Chromobody technology allows for the first time to trace endogenous intracellular antigens and to visualize dynamic changes of these targets upon intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli in living cells. In addition, Chromobodies can be applied for intracellular target screening and validation processes.

Our expertise

  • Translocation assays (e.g. to screen kinase inhibitors in living cells)

  • Cell cycle analysis

  • Phenotypic screening

  • Signal pathway analysis

  • Target screening and validation


We provide ready-to-go cell lines to monitor:

  • The full cell cycle

  • Apoptotic events

  • Morphological changes of the cytoskeleton

  • Further cellular markers are currently under development.


To serve individual customer needs, we generate custom single domain antibodies (sdAbs) and chromobodies in our sdAb facility.

We offer

  • Antigen production for biopanning / immunization

  • SdAb library screening by phage display

  • Biochemical validation / characterization of identified sdAbs

  • Recombinant production of sdAbs

  • Generation of Chromobodies® for intracellular applications

  • Cell lines and primary cells with stable lentiviral Chromobody® expression, ready-to-use or on demand


For further information and pricing please contact
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rothbauer