DigiWest® for Biomarker Discovery

DigiWest® allows screening on a protein level. The protein profile will help you spot the differences between samples in various conditions. Furthermore, with DigiWest®, you will be able to identify certain posttranslational modifications (PTMs) like phosphorylation.

Case Study 1: DigiWest® for biomarker discovery in radioresistance

  • Isogenic 22Rv1 prostate cancer model of wildtype (WT) vs. radioresistant (RR) cells
  • DigiWest® profiling hits PARP1, AR, p53, Notch3, YB1 were independently validated
  • Pharmacological targeting of these proteins yielded a significant radiosensitization

Inder S, et al. Multiplex profiling identifies clinically relevant signaling proteins in an isogenic prostate cancer model of radioresistance. Scientific Reports 2019

Case Study 2: Protein profiling for characterization of tumor organoid models

  • In collaboration with our partners, CELLphenomics GmbHand ASC Oncology GmbH, primary patient-derived 3D tumor organoid cultures (PD3D®) were profiled by DigiWest®, focusing on 122 antibodies for total and phospho proteins involved in a range of signaling pathways.
  • DigiWest® revealed pathway activation patterns that explained phenotypic differences in PD3D® drug responses as measured by CELLphenomics.