Protein Assays for Biomarker Screening

Building on a long-standing track record in immunoassays, we offer contract research services in development, validation, and screening of biomarker assays to our clients, for both pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) markers.

Test your biomarkers in higher sample throughput

Both Luminex and RPPA allow for scalable throughput, so both are ideal for screening. RPPA focuses on cell signaling proteins, while Luminex' strength is on plasma proteins (e.g. cytokines, chemokines). For the latter, extra sensitivity is achieved with Simoa assays.

We are experts in biomarker research

We offer protein profiling services for the whole process of biomarker development. High-content protein profiling for early phases and high-throughput protein profiling services for later stages of biomarker development.

Other applications

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