Patient-derived 3D Tumour Organoid Models

Recent advances in the establishment of primary patient-derived tumour cell cultures hold great promise not only to improve our understanding of tumour biology, but also to significantly enhance the identification of truly individualised cancer therapies.

This is why we have partnered with CELLphenomics GmbH, a company that has meanwhile sourced and cultured more than 200 different patient-derived 3D tumour organoid cultures, so-called PD3D® models.

Together with our collaborator CELLphenomics, we provide our clients with integrated compound testing & protein profiling services using their proprietary PD3D® cell models.

We offer

  • Parallelized compound testing services in PD3D® models by CELLphenomics (formerly "cpo cellular phenomics & oncology")

  • Back-up of phenotypic compound testing data by CELLphenomics' NGS-based genomic profiling

  • Generation of targeted phospho-proteomic signatures from PD3D® cultures (e.g., pre- vs post-treatment) via DigiWest or RPPA

Image of DigiWest in PD3D Tumor Cell Models


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